Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life or something like it...

I feel this is more like a journal, well it is similar to, when I don't in it for a very long time and my first line is "sorry, I haven't written in a while."

Well, sorry I haven't written in a while.  I first want to start off by stating that I have been blog writing but on my business one...  Check it out! Seriously.

I wanted to write a blog because I am overwhelmed with life right now. Not a bad overwhelmed. But a good one. I don't necessarily want to gloat or be boisterious, not at all, but, you know when you are happy you just want the whole world to know how happy you are? Yeah, it is like that. I hope that my happiness is infectious and others will see how amazing their life is as well and want to send praises and excitement out into the universe so that the goodness will reign down on all the earth so love and peace can be dominate in this crazy world... and breathe...

...point is, I know some of you used to keep up with me reading my blog and so if you are wondering (in no particular order of importance after number 1):

Happiness #1: My daughter. She is growing like a weed! I am so grateful for her. I am amazed how smart she is. Infact, was told by professionals that she indeed is smart. Yay. Well it doesn't take a professional to know the intelligence of my kid. I think most kids are super smart anyways but there is something amazing about my daughter. She outsmarts me from time to time. I love teaching her words, especially when she says "zebra" and it comes out as "Sara" or teaching her "Heather" sounds like "Hebu".

Happiness #2: My career. Okay, this could actually be better but it is getting there. However, I am doing so many awesome graphic design projects right now and other photography projects... and I have some ideas brewing. I have also decided that while living practically rent free I am going to write up a business plan to help get grants and things. I love the idea of being a boss and running a company so why not do it right now?

Happiness #3: My spirituality.  Okay, so, I know I have talked about my spiritual growth in the past and little about my religion but not sure I have ever expressed that yes, I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and yes, my beliefs are of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or as it said "I am Mormon." And the more I am digging deeper and deeper into the more I believe. More specifically today was amazing and I feel that God is listening and that he is definitely mindful of me and my needs. I have a calling working with the young women and I hope I can do it well.

Happiness #4: A Love Interest.  Not going into much detail, as it is still developing, I will say that there is someone that I am involved with. In short, is wow. Have you ever met someone and you were like "there you are." There is a peace, a familiarity, well, lets just say that he definitely has my attention. It was weird how we met and came to even be. It will hopefully be a story I will tell later on. But for now I am excited to see where this one goes and a little, a lot, hopeful that it will be rest of my life one. But, I am not going to jinx it! Most importantly, I am going to take every moment I can with it.

Sure, there are things I am missing, like my friends. I miss my friends that are far away but they are all still so amazing. I have friends close to where I am but still hard to see them. I do miss Kitsap County. Being so close to the shopping needs but still be among trees. But, all in all I feel like my life seriously has gotten significantly better since I have dedicated myself to my daughter, my faith, my spirituality and being positive on life.

I hope your life is just as blessed as mine because, well, I love all of you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Alicia. It is awesome having you so close, and I am really excited that you are enjoying your life, here. I am thrilled at the directions your life is taking. And you do, indeed, have an amazing (not to mention, delightful) daughter. Part of what happens when you have a committed, smart, dedicated mom!